Why Are Standardized Tests Useful?

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Standardized tests are useful because they provide quite a bit of information. Students mainly believe that they are fair. There have been studies done with students while they are taking the tests and they have found a positive effect on academic achievement. Is the use of standardized tests, improving education in America? The use of standardized tests is improving education in America because they are fair, reliable, and objective measures of student achievement. Are standardized tests fair? Standardized tests are fair because they are not stressful and provide quite a bit of useful information when they are working on the test. Mostly all students that take these tests say they are fair. The studies that have been done with the students have found a positive effect on student achievement(ProCon). Should the tests be scored by computers? The…show more content…
Yes, because then they somewhat know what to be expecting when the actual test comes. They can prepare for the test better and ask the teachers more questions. Do the students face pressure when they are trying to improve their score? Yes, because when they are trying to improve their score they feel anxiety. They try to improve their score because everybody else has a better one than them so they feel they are not good enough. Should teachers be quitting due to the stress of testing? No, because they don't really go through as much stress as the students do when they are testing and the teachers should also be able to handle these things and not just quit because they think it is too complicated(Occupytheory). Does it affect the way teachers teach their classes? Standardized tests do affect the way teachers teach because they can only teach certain things and not what they think that the students might need. Do to standardized testing the teachers have to teach what is on their guide to teach the students. Yes, it does affect the way teachers teach their
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