The Blind Side Diction Analysis

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In many ways an author uses diction, imagery, syntax, and tone to elaborate parts of the story, and to contribute to the novel as a whole. In The Blind Side, the author, Michael Lewis, tells a story of how an everyday family in Memphis comes together and takes in a homeless 16 year old, who later becomes a famous football player. Although each literary device helps convey different things, when they all come together they are able to create the emotions, tones, relevance, and the purpose of the novel. Michael Lewis uses diction to emphasise particular words that he feels are important and the reader should pay attention to. He also uses italics for certains words such as, “...maybe I am good,”(Lewis 139) to …show more content…

Michael Lewis uses curse words to emphasize the character's anger and emotion towards the situation. This draws in the reader’s attention through diction and syntax such as, “ little supposedly fleet-footed sonofabitch. Me and you. One on one. Twenty-yard dash. I’ll leave you in the dust,”(261). Another use of tone, shown in The Blind Side, is the way certain characters talk. He uses direct quotes, but emphasizes the originality of the specific character's word choice. Stemming from diction and imagery, Lewis uses Coach O’s verbage when he says, “ALRIGHTEERIGHTEERIGHTEE righteeerighteeee! Hooo! . . . Hoo! . . .Hoo! LessgoooLesssgoooo!” (270) to change the tone to a lighter hearted side, and enhance the intensity of the actual experience for the reader. Being able to give accurate changes in tone and make the reader understand why the events of the book played out the way they did is a quality that must be present in a strong literary book, and was accomplished by Michael Lewis. Although each device contributes in their own way, the importance of them comes from combination of all four. By only having one, the overall purpose of the book would be lost in indirect communication from the author and boredom from the reader. Missing even one of syntax, diction, or imagery would cause the loss of tone and dramatically lower the quality of the novel. The Blind Side, incorporating all these together, is able to draw in the reader’s attention, and maintain it throughout the book while still giving an accurate portrayal of the events changing the life Michael

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