The Book Theif: Character Analysis

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Having a best friend is something that every person requires. They can help you out when in trouble or to cheer you up when feeling sad. Best friends don 't have to be perfect becuase of of them aren 't. However, Rudy was Liesel 's perfect best friend. In "The Book Theif", by Marcus Zusak, Liesel and Rudy start off with a hesitant friendship that later emerge into a strong connection. Rudy and Liesel have a very unique friendship. They have a love/hate sort of relationship. They fight a lot and call each other names but at the end of the day, they now they have each other 's back 's. Liesel and Rudy both know exactly what each other was feeling, and if they didn 't they still tried to comfort each other one. For example, when they were stealing, they both understood the hunger that was playing with their minds. "It was inevitable. The depressing pea soup and Rudy 's hunger finally drove them to thievery."(150) Rudy and Liesel where in the same boat, they both needed…show more content…
Rudy and Liesel 's affection grows throughout the book. At first, Rudy and Liesel 's feeling were not the same. He wanted to be more than friends long before she even considered it. She made a promise never to kiss him. Later on, they became closer as friends, but Liesel still had a line of defense to insure she wouldn 't get hurt by him. Finally, Liesel and Rudy were able to fully trust each other with their darkest secrets. For example, Rudy tells Liesel about when the doctor inspected him and some other boys. That is a moment of importance because he was genuinely embarrassed, and at first didn 't tell her. However, later he feels comfortable to tell Liesel. "Stripped of their, the boys were allowed to dress again."(414) This shows hat even though Rudy was ashamed of what happened, he still expressed it to Liesel. Also, Liesel eventually told Rudy who the Jew that she met on the street was. Once again, at first she was ignoring his questions, but later she told him
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