The Book Thief Symbolism Analysis

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Symbolism Compared and Contrasted

A book. A piece of bread. An accordion. Three entirely different objects, used for entirely different purposes. Yet, in context of The Book Thief written by Markus Zusak, the items accommodate a manifold of symbolic significance in between the pages, crumbs, and keys that mean something more to the characters than the implements purpose.
The symbolic items that take place in the novel all differ in multiple ways. Liesel’s books include a variety of symbolism such as how the The Gravedigger’s Handbook is out of remembrance for her brother. Additionally, when Liesel stole the book out of smouldering fire, it was her way of defying Hitler. The symbolism of Hans accordion plays a major role in the story. His instrument is a reminder of a friendship between him and Erik Vandenburg and the debt he owes to Erik; he died saving Hans life. Another symbolic item that exists in the novel, is the bread that Hans gave to the …show more content…

All of them provide some sort of comfort to the people around them, and give them a feeling of security if their lives are falling down like Jenga blocks. Liesel’s reading was able to soothe the shaking souls of the nervous neighbors in the bomb shelter, and the bread giving to the prisoner gave him a feeling of contentment because he knew that someone didn’t believe in the inhumane actions that were taken place. Moreover, when Han works the bellows and presses the keys, it gives Liesel a feeling of safety in her life. Likewise, when Hans leaves for WWII the unexpected from Rosa becomes reality. “It took longer than expected for her eyes to adjust, and when they did, there was no denying the fact that Rosa Hubermann was sitting on the edge of the bed with her husband’s accordion tied to her chest” (Zusak 428/429). The instrument gave Rosa comfort because it was something that reminded her of

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