The Boomerang Kids Won T Leave Analysis

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Millennial Men Aren’t the Dads They Thought They’d Be Based on your own observation, what role does a father assume in today’s society? Give examples. In your opinion, what role should a father assume? Why?
The father assumes a semi traditional role in today's society. They are in most scenarios working more than the mothers. An example of this in today's society would be a father who working the traditional 9 to 5 job, while on the other hand a mother may work part-time and have a more pronounced role in the home. I believe but the father should assume whatever role best fits in the family. A father should be flexible, and not be concerned with preconceived notions over what the roles of a traditional father are, because what is best …show more content…

What are the pros? What are the cons? Is it something you would consider for yourself? Why or why not?
My view on boomeranging is that it is sometimes the only logical choice for people to take. If you're in the position where boomeranging as your only option probably the biggest benefit that it has is having a place to sleep rent-free. But one of the drawbacks could be since you're back living under your parents roof they may not view you in treat you as the adults you see yourself as. Ideally you would never have to boomerang, but under certain circumstances it could be the only option, therefore you can never rule it out.
If you were a parent and your adult child wanted to move back in, would you let him/her? For what reasons might you allow him/her to move in? For what reasons might you not allow him/her to move in? Explain.
If my adult child wanted to move back in and they felt like that was their only/best option then I would let them. A good reason to allow him/her to move back in would be to help give them a bit more financial stability by not having the burden of a rent payment every month. Although you could be giving him/her a crutch for which they could lean on and become too dependent on mom and dad and not develop real world problem-solving

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