The Case Of Andy Larsen

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On December 15, 2016, local police found a gang member of the royals, identified as 16-year-old Andy Larsen, lying on the sidewalk near Woodbine and Dixon Road unconscious. After further investigation, police found no vitals and Larsen was declared dead at the scene. No suspects have been identified but, police are positive that the guilty is a member of the opposing gang, the Guardians. Local police also claim that the motive has been identified seeing the circumstances of the situation between the Guardians and the Royals. They claim that this attack is simply retaliation for the recent homicide of a Guardian, Mario Gizur, in a series of assaults. 2 years prior to the incident, Larsen had been recruited by the Royals. Larsen’s loved ones …show more content…

According to the police, the perpetrator is not dangerous, but he should not be approached at all costs and citizens must report sightings as part of their civil duty. The security footage shows a man encountering Larsen and upon noticing his jacket, he is recorded withdrawing a weapon from the inside of his coat and fatally stabbing Larsen in his lower abdomen. The victim’s autopsy reports have unveiled that he died due to internal bleeding and a severe loss of blood because of his injuries. In light of these recent events, Larsen’s mother, Brenda McHugh, and Larsen’s former girlfriend, Laura Iglehart have spoken out against gang violence. Although Iglehart has been silenced by the ongoing investigation and wasn’t able to comment on Larsen’s death, McHugh has stated “ Andy was just a boy, he didn’t deserve this fate. He wasn’t a royal, he was my son. Just thinking of the way that he died makes everything even harder, Andy died alone in an alleyway, on the ground, bleeding to death. Andy was so young, he had so much left to do in life. To all the parents out there, save your children from gang violence, don’t let them be taken from you in an instant like Andy was from me

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