The Case Of Sacco And Vanzetti

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During the time period of the early 1900s, many things such as immigration, non-communism, and inequality were major conflicts, but sadly a way of life for most. A major example of this unfairness was the case of Sacco and Vanzetti. This case took place in the 1920s when two Italian men who immigrated from Italy named Sacco and Vanzetti were put on trial and executed (Britannica), because of supposedly robbing a store, being pro-communist, and the court showing signs of inequality, which highlighted the injustice of this time period. As a cause of these disastrous events, both Sacco and Vanzetti were executed on August 23, 1927 (Frankfurther). Sacco and Vanzetti both being immigrants from Italy automatically became an ally to the seemingly bad luck of the two young men. During the 1920’s, when the crime of the robbing occurred, communism was a very large fear in the hearts of many americans. As a result of this fear The Red Scare became known around this time period, being a effect of the fear of communism. Numerous groups such as the KKK, anti-Jews and people who disliked all immigrants committed a variety of crimes all because the fear of communism among these groups of people that recently migrated to the US. You can imagine the constant heartbreak and terror that these …show more content…

The three eye witnesses claimed not to know who they saw but when Sacco was taken into custody, out of nowhere the witnesses said that he was one of the two men that were involved. The murderers, who were described as two Italian men, escaped with more than $15,000. On the very same day, a deportation was also scheduled for an Italian anarchist living in Bridgewater named Feruccio Coacci. In preparation for leaving, Coacci quit his job at Slater and Morrill.(History) The similarities of these men were astonishing, not to mention all three were

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