The Case Of Thurman Vs. Torrington

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Thurman V Torrington is about a wife whom has suffered from many years of abuse and harassments from her husband. Throughout the many years of this abuse Mrs. Thurman has called out for help in which she never received. Even though her husband was arrest once it never ended until it was too late. What is Abuse? It is the hurting of one mentally, physically, emotionally, and verbally. Why would one choose to do something like that to anyone? Studies show that people that are abusers have either been abused growing up or just find enjoyment in doing so. Tracey and Charles Thurman were married for many years and had one child together Charles Jr. They lived in the town of Torrington, CT., Torrington is also known as the domestic violence capital. Everything started off fine with this …show more content…

After the attack Judy called the police on Charles but because they knew him very well they did nothing for her. Scared for her life Tracey found somewhere to go but it did little to help to stop the harassment of her husband. Day after day she had to deal with this many of time she called out for help, filing many police reports, nothing was still done. One day while Tracy was out she ran into Charles and in the public he attacked her, this time she had help a police officer seen this happening and Charles was arrested. When he went to court he was only giving a restraining order to stay away from his wife, he never took this seriously. Day after day Charles showed up at Tracey’s home trying to get into the home, yelling for her to let him in making threats of killing her. One day while at Judy house Charles shows up asking to speak with Tracey all the while she is begging him to leave her and her son Charles Jr. alone, she then decides to go outside to try and talk to her husband and he stabs her in the neck and chest repeatedly. On that day once again Charles was arrested, and Tracey was taken to the

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