Cherie's Violent Patterns: The Cause Of Domestic Violence

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Although Cherie’s volatile relationship has not erupted into physical violence, Tyrone’s threatening behavior could easily escalate from controlling and intimidating behavior to outright domestic violence, which adds another crisis component to this case. As previously mentioned, Cherie revealed that Tyrone belittles and controls her. She also said Tyrone acts excessively jealous, limits her telephone usage and access to money and credit cards. These characteristics are often mentioned when women in domestic violence shelters describe their mate (James & Gilliland, 2013, p.302). Therefore, this crisis component needs to be examined thoroughly. Patterns such as this can continue for many years without escalating to physical violence; however, the psychological and emotional damage verbal abuse causes is just as severe. …show more content…

Cherie is experiencing depression which is another crisis component because it not only takes a psychological toll but can also cause physical damage. When one is depressed, it can present itself in the form of joint aches and pains. Depression can also cause migraines, sleep deprivation, chest pains, and changes in appetite, all of which can lead to long-term health problems. Furthermore, according to James & Gilliland (2013), “When an individual is experiencing depression, it diminishes their ability to cope at their usual level of ability” (p.8), and this inability to cope can lead to

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