The Cause Of Violence In The Wild West

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The Wild West really was as violent as they said .cattle, cowboys and the Great Plains. But Hollywood did not define it as it really was back in the 1800s… it was only their stories. Railroads, mines, Cowtown’s and Indian wars just some terrors of the untamed west. Gold explosives and a chance of land and a better life all seemed appropriate for death rates to be so high especially in bondie ca. during 1878-1882 the number of annual deaths went up the number of people that died…116”the highest death rates where in the mining towns” .during the infamous gold rush that’s all anybody wanted wanted back then. Gold was a perfect motive for murder. When in Cowtown’s you didn’t want to mess with anyone .they were mean well at least the cowboys where “you had to behave if you were female and you had to watch out for cows”. Don’t mess with anyone. Cowboys where on long trips and when they came back they were hot and dirty. They wrestle with cows as a job so they were probably strong too .that doesn’t sound like someone anyone would…show more content…
The Indians aren’t scared to fight for what they need or want. “Women and children watched in horror on a nearby hills”.as families are torn apart women and children watch as family members die. This is an endless war for the Indians. On the other hand while some say the Wild West was very violent it was also a very productive time. Railroads were created to help transport cattle and other products. Villages and towns where built by the railroads as well for easy access. They found gold in California and the first catalog was created by Mr. Sears. The Wild West was as violent as they said. Many people were killed. Women molested if they didn’t behave. Native women and children watch in terror unknowing if their husbands or fathers will be killed in Acton or be some of the few to survive .some of this is out of greed. Hats only some of what the Wild West is
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