The Causes Of Acid Rain

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Abstract The acid rain is not only rain which has pH lower than 7, but also have lots of other forms. The reason to form an acid rain is complex, the main matter result in the acid rain which is sulfuric acid and nitric acid, both of them were produced more by human’s activities. Acid rain will result in many hazards such as freshwater acidification and soil desertification. Accroding to analysis the big data of Google, scientist need pay more attention to propagate what acid rain is. Keywords: Acid Rain, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, acidification, desertification, Big Data An Introduction of Acid Rain: The Causes of Acid Rain, Hazards and Its Status. In 1912, September, London. There was hosting an exhibition of beautiful ox, suddenly one ox falls down from the stage, lied on the ground and no more action. People was just scared about this event, but there are more and more ox falls down and die. Not takes so much time, people on the auditorium began breathless too and lied on the ground. During September 5th to 8th there are total about four thousand people died. The criminal of this large-scale murder event is acid rain. (Davis, D. L.) Although the acid rain already exists many years, and several researches had already defined the definition of acid rain, what kind of detriment it will cause and how we look at it. Most people can’t clearly know what acid rain is. People need a brief introduction of acid rain to tell them what acid rain is, the causes of

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