The Causes Of Dictatorship And The Failure Of Government

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Dictatorship is a type of government that is being led by a single person or party who decides and holds all political power of a nation. Some examples of dictators are Hitler from Germany, Mao Zedong in China, and Benito Mussolini in Italy. The emergence of dictatorship occurred when the Roman Senate established it in 510 B.C. so they can control the rebellions occurring at that time. Rome originally had two consuls; however, there are cases where they just needed one person to make proper decisions so one of the consuls becomes the dictator. For centuries in battle, the Romans continued to conquer until they ruled the entire empire (McCarthy, 2005, p. 6). Throughout the course history, it is for certain that countries that underwent dictatorship experienced a stable government and quick progression due to the fact that there was unified direction in all aspects such as wars and internal struggles, as well as lower crime rates that made the citizens more proficient which makes it the most effective way of directing a nation.
Dictatorship makes the government more stable since only one person decides for the entire nation. As well as the country not being prone to corruption. Francisco Franco saw himself as the person to save Spain for all “anti-Spain” forces from creating chaos and instability to the country that was a result of the civil war. Franco established fundamental laws to pursue a unified Spain and to survive all hindrances they faced from rallies and oppositions
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