The Character Of Equality 7-2521 In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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In the book “Anthem” by Ayn Rand, the main character, Equality 7-2521, changed significantly. At first, he believed in staying true to the society, but this later changed when he began to have his own ideas and thoughts. He began to see the world through his own eyes, instead of looking through the tainted eyes that the leaders of his society had given him. Throughout the book Equality 7-2521 discovered many new and different feelings. He began to fall in love with The Golden One, even though it was forbidden. He refused to give up the light that he discovered, because he knew the leaders of the society would destroy it, and his view of the leaders in the society changed as he began learning about the outside world. The more he learned about that world, the more he realized how limited and unfair the society he lived in truly was. Towards the beginning of the book, Equality 7-2521 followed the rules of the society and did not question his leaders. However, towards the end of the book he started denouncing them, and began to rebel. He started to see the leaders as dictators. Equality 7-2521 started thinking forbidden thoughts such as, those concerning The Golden Ones, and thoughts of becoming an individual. He also started to execute his own desires. He stopped …show more content…

Equality 7-2521 strongly believed in using your moral judgement to decide what was right and what was wrong. Because of this he decided to run away, thinking it was the right thing to do, rather than following what the leaders of the society had told him was right. He had used his moral judgement when deciding not to surrender the light to the leaders of the society because he knew they were going to destroy it. Equality 7-2521 was a strong believer in using moral judgement to make

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