The Chrysalids Analysis

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Richard Bach once stated, “The bond that links your true family is not by blood but of respect and joy in life.” This paper will tackle why the Wender family is considered a “true” family to David in contrast to the Strom Family. The Wender’s are a better family towards David for the reason that there is a better trust in the relationship and the Wender’s are more nurturing towards him. Therefore, in the following paragraphs readers will discover why the Wender’s are a better family, citing references from The Chrysalids by John Wyndham. Trust is a bond between family, friends and lovers as it is an important feeling that can either build or break the relationship. The Wender’s are a better family towards David because Sophie trusted David…show more content…
Notably, Sophie fought for David, on page forty-four paragraph two from the bottom when David and Alan were having a fist fight readers assumed that Sophie fled to safety nevertheless Sophie returned to rescue David when he was getting beaten horribly (page forty-five, paragraph 1). Furthermore, the family cares about David’s feelings rather than the Strom family, when David was crying because the family has to leave and flee to safety they consoled him. As well as, Mr. and Mrs. Wender treated David as if he was their own child, Mr. and Mrs. Strom never showed any affection towards him. An illustration of this idea would be on page fifty-one paragraph three from the bottom and on Mr. Strom went to abuse David, after the abuse Mrs. Strom is nowhere to be found, the Wender’s on the other hand showed much more affection, they told David he was a good boy (page twelve paragraph two and three). Lastly, Mrs. Wender hugged him on page forty- eight paragraph five from the bottom David stated, “I nodded dumbly, and let her hold me to her in a way my own mother never did.” Thus, proving that the Wender’s are more nurturing towards
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