Causes Of The Reformation

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The Reformation was a time when the church changed the way it was acting because of how people in the church were behaving. The people that were in in charge of the church were miss using their power. They miss used their power by selling indulgences to replace the money that they were using when they were partying and drinking. One person that was the main cause for the Reformation happening was Martin Luther. Martin Luther saw what the church leaders were during and he believed that is was wrong and they needed to change. Martin Luther also had a lot of ideas about what the church was doing wrong when it came to the way they were practicing they religion so he took his ideas and put them into motion. When he put his ideas into motion it …show more content…

When the Reformation happened it was a time when the church was very corrupt and had very different ideas about how people should act. The church was selling indulgences just to get money to pay for the church officials to party and drink. So when Luther’s ideas came out people thought that they were the right ideas and that they were better than what the church was actually teaching. Also with Luther’s ideas people didn’t have to spend as much money as they were like when they were buying indulgences. So with them having to spend less money they were more excited to practice Luther’s ideas. The Counter Reformation was a way that the tried to fix the mistakes the church was making. To fix the mistakes they had church officials come together so they could fix the church from the inside out. Their were many impacts that the Reformation and Counter Reformation had one of them was that schools were founded throughout the world and education became more important to the world. With this the Reformation can be seen as a time when the church became better. If we didn’t have the Reformation or the Counter Reformation the church that we know would not be the same their would be different ways that people interpret of the Bible. Also Education wouldn’t have become as important as it is to us today. And without all of this we might still sell indulgences which have been prove to be a symbol of faith but they are not a really ticket into heaven. Their were many advantages and disadvantages to the Reformation but it was mostly a good thing for the church because it changed from the inside out. The Reformation was a time
Playle 5 when different ideas and thoughts about the church were coming out and so the church was forced to begin to change in response to those ideas that came out about the Catholic

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