The Counter Reformation: Martin Luther And The Counter Reformation

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The Reformation was a time when the church changed the way it was acting because of how people in the church were behaving. The people that were in in charge of the church were miss using their power. They miss used their power by selling indulgences to replace the money that they were using when they were partying and drinking. One person that was the main cause for the Reformation happening was Martin Luther. Martin Luther saw what the church leaders were during and he believed that is was wrong and they needed to change. Martin Luther also had a lot of ideas about what the church was doing wrong when it came to the way they were practicing they religion so he took his ideas and put them into motion. When he put his ideas into motion it was the start of the Reformation. After the Reformation the church changed the way that it performed and carried out tasks this was called the Counter Reformation and it took place after the Reformation happened. The Counter Reformation was how the church responded to Martin Luther’s ideas on the church’s behavior and on his ideas about what was the right way to practice Catholicism. The Reformation was a time when different ideas about the church were coming out and so the church began to evolve in response to those ideas about the Catholic Church. Playle 2 The Reformation is defined as a 16th-century movement for religious reform, leading to the founding of Christian churches that rejected the Pope’s authority (Broderick, Robert C.).
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