The Crucible Act 3 Analysis

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In Act 3 of the play “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller, most of the problems take place on the court.To begin, the characters Giles, Proctor, and Francis claim to have evidence to free their wives, also Francis said to Danforth “ the girls are fraud”(Miller 87), and he also claims “we have proof of it, sir. They are all deceiving you”(Miller 87).First, Francis shows a deposition of 91 people that have a good opinion about their wives, and have not seen any witchcraft activity, but Danforth demands the names of these people to be arrested (Miller) Then a discussion began between the court and the men, and the court wanted to see the evidence that they had , so Giles started by showing a deposition against the Putmans, saying that Putman “ is killing
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