The Crucible Allegory Essay

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In literature alone, there are many stories that are categorized as allegories due to messages or lessons that are implied in the writing. By definition, an allegory is a something that has a hidden or symbolic meaning. Of course they are not just limited to stories; allegories are also expressed in the form of a poem, a picture, or a movie. The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, is a good example of an allegory for it tells of a significant event in history in which a small town of Massachusetts named Salem had been controlled by a paranoia of witches after watching a few of the town girls showing off odd behaviors and participating in occult activities. The Crucible by Arthur Miller is an allegory for Subversive Activities Control Board,…show more content…
According to Senator Smith, the American people were terrified of speaking out their mind in fear that they would become suspected as a Communist and that the Freedom of Speech was being used in a terrible manner that it could not be used by some. Unfortunately, after speaking out against McCarthy, Senator Smith was removed from the Senate was replaced with Senator Richard M. Nixon. Meanwhile, in The Crucible by Arthur Miller, Rebecca Nurse took on a role similar to the role that Senator Margaret Chase took. In Act 1, when Parris acknowledges the idea that his daughter, Betty, and the other sick girls might be bewitched, Rebecca Nurse assures him that it is just a phase in which the children want some attention. As Parris insists that the odd behavior of the girls is a result of witchcraft, Rebecca Nurse excuses herself and refuses to take part of the witch hunt just as Senator Smith had refused to take part in the movement to look for Communists. In the end, Rebecca Nurse is accused of witchcraft by Thomas Putnam’s wife for the death of her children and is hung for refusing to confess of being a
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