The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time Summary

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To make my book trailer for my book “The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time” by Mark Haddon, I made sure to first find a editing website that I can use to make the process easier for myself so my outcome would be the best it could be. My friend Gabi found this website called PowToons and she recommended it to me. This website fit what I was looking for perfectly, it was easy to edit and it helped guide to to make the whole trailer step by step. I used PowToons and started with writing down my plan which involved me finding key point in the story that would be important to put in the trailer. I jotted down the characters names and why each one was important to the book then I would take the information from each character and put them together in order to make the story base. I also made sure that in this trailer I wouldn't give out any information about who the killer of the dog was and only focused on some information like who the suspect was so that the ending was not given away. Then I went to PowToons again and started to make the slides and picked out the characters before I went and added any text so I can see how the character interacts with the settings I …show more content…

This was a problem because there was things I wanted to add that would have made the trailer better, like an example was the laptop Christopher was holding. The better version had to be paid for so I have to find another version that was free on the website but this version did not look as good but I did not have a choice. I also have trouble with the characters and trying to set them all up to do certain things like walk away or look angry during a scene. I have to get help from Gabi to show me how to add all of these

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