The Modernist Movement Analysis

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The start of modernism being the Pioneer Phase took place between the middle of the First World War and the crucial movements from 1929 to 1933, early 1930s being know as the International Style. Pioneer Phase is a chain of variations and individuals who took charge to the problems faced when dealing with the appropriate design that would symbolise the twentieth century. They did so by focusing on three core elements of design, architecture, graphics and furniture.(P.Greenhalgh,1990, p. 91) The Pioneer Phase could simply be classified as a collaboration of ideas in which designers envisioned how the world could create a way in which improves the “material conditions” and mould the consciousness of humankind.(P.Greenhalgh,1990, p. 3). Modernism …show more content…

This building stood 1454ft (443.179m) and had up to 102 stories. Architectural firm Shreve & Lamb, designed the bank of Manhattan, where recruited for the development of design of Empire State Building with the recruiters being company Raskob and Smith.( L Kystek, 2011) The reason for the building was from a competition betweenWalter Chrysler of the Chrysler Corporation & John Jakob Raskob of General Motors (Stephen Rutledge, 2015). William Lamb was the lead architect and along with the construction firm Starrett Brothers and Eken the Empire State Building was developed(Sudip Bose, 2010)With construction starting in 1929, when stock markets crashed,(Sudip Bose, 2010) and the completion of the building in 1931 it didn’t have a great welcoming and due to the great depression was know as the “Empty State Building” and only started to produce profits in 1950 (C V. Bagli and P. Lattman, 2011). The opening of the Building on 1 May 1931 President H. Hoover performed a symbolic grand opening to the Empire State building as it was made to look as if he had switch the lights on from the White House in Washington DC when in actually fact as he pushed the button “to switch on the lights” someone in Manhattan literally turned on the lights to the building from inside. From 1931-1973 the Empire State building was the tallest building in the world.(L. Krystek,

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