The Devil's Arithmetic Movie Vs Book Analysis

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Devil’s Arithmetic Movie vs Book Death, sickness, and torture among humans. The Germans were extremely cruel people during WW1. Jews were taken from their homes and put into concentration camps where they were forced to do work or die. In The Devil’s Arithmetic the tragedy and harshness of these camps was brought to life. Using real life details mixed with made up things, The Devil’s Arithmetic is a story full of suspense and truth that shows the pain and suffering in the camp. I believe that the book and the movie are good but the book is better. You can decide later.

In the book and movie version of The Devil’s Arithmetic, Hannah, the main character, goes to a family religious celebration for Jews known as passover. Hannah gets the privilege to open the door for the prophet elijah. When Hannah opens the door she is transported back in time to 1942. Hannah then has to live through the harshness of the concentration camps, like her grandpa and aunt did. Hannah figures out that she is living the life of her aunt Eva’s friend that passed away at the camps. She also gets to see her grandpa and aunt at the camp. In …show more content…

Aaron contributed to the story by adding a side of Hannah that suggests that she likes to tell stories. This is shown in the beginning when Hannah’s dad wants Hannah to tell Aaron a story to calm him down. In the movie this isn’t shown. Since this isn’t shown there is no real reason Hannah starts to tell stories at the camp. Another very obvious difference from the book to the movies was that in the book Hannah lived with Gitl, but in the movie Hannah lives with Rivka. Rivka was supposed to be at the camp before Hannah arrived. Gitl was supposed to be related to Hannah, not Rivka. In the book Rivka was at the camp way before Hannah was and wasn’t related to her. Gitl was a character that wasn’t even shown in the movie. Rivka was supposed to be a friend, not a

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