The Difference Between Parenting And Chinese Parenting

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Parenting is a term and it is the ultimate long-term investment – parenting is the process of actively providing a safe and secure childhood/future for your children.
How to raise your child and how to prepare them for their adult life is not something that is universally agreed upon or done the same way around the world. Being a parent is hard and the point is to be good parents for their own children. How to be good parents is different depending on their culture, and Chinese children are not requisite raised the same way as American children. In connection with the set of values used the parenting and education by Chinese parents and American parents have more differences than similarities. All parents want happy, confident and strong children, the means for getting them there are very different in the two cultures.
Amy Chua, researched of Chinese children’s performance in the school system, and it seems to indicate that a certain truth can be lead from her “descriptions” of how she raised her own children. Being a mother of two daughters – Amy Chua believes she has the recipe for success, but both girls have been raised the strict traditional Chinese way, where things such as playdates, watching TC, sleepovers and playing computer games is banned and grades less than “A” are not accepted in their home. The tiger mom doesn’t accept anything below an a for her daughters and she had only once gotten an “A” – she thinks that western families are too sweet towards their

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