Cause And Effect Of Child Abuse

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Child abuse is sexual molestation of a child or maltreatment which is neglect or physical and emotional abuse done by a parent or caregiver to a minor. The abuse can be mental causing injury in severe cases can be a death of a child. The effect of child abuse has a wide range of possibilities which has outcomes towards the way that an individual grows into adulthood and the affect that last a lifetime. Abuse does not discriminate against race because nearly half of all victims of child abuse or neglect were Caucasian, 1/5 or African-American and 1/5 were Spanish

Physical abuse is an intentional act towards a child or minor that causes injury or pain. This is one of the most dangerous types of abuse with the possibility of death or life sustaining
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Examples of statements I I wish you were never born or I can’t believe you would be so stupid. Even terrorzing A child by saying that you would call the cops to come get them and take them away for not doing something. Unlike physical abuse, emotional abuse often does not show any physical signs. It is mainly indicated in a child’s emotions and actions. Some of the emotions and actions a child my show includes travel bonding with others, anxiety, controlling anger and depression. Other signs are extreme what jar from the motions, suicidal thoughts or actions or behavioral changes and or antisocial behavior. Different age groups have different ways of showing signs of emotional abuse for babies to kids from ages three they show signs of not being close to their parents or being overly affectionate to people they may not know. Older children may possibly be struggling with their emotions and preferred to be isolated rather than be around people which can lead to depression suicidal thoughts and sometimes smoking, drinking or drugs at an early age . Sounds of this abuse might be extremely with drawl from motion, suicidal thoughts or actions or behavior changes and/or antisocial behavior. Children from when they are babies to the age of two or three with this abuse could show signs by not being close to their parents or being overly…show more content…
In the treatment that a child gets when going through child abuse is first making sure the child has a secure and safe space far from the abuser and then addressing any injuries that came from being abused. After they’re in a safe place then their emotional needs are met by therapist to help them. Was in the treatment process of child abuse. There is goals that guide the child and who is helping them through the process. Some of the goals include encouraging the child to talk about what happen without any embarrassment or huge amounts of anxiety what can help with the child reducing behavior and emotional frequency of the Symptoms that go along with being abused. With talking about it and overcoming they strengthen the child’s coping skills and enhance the social skills and put any negative thoughts out of the child’s head and fill them with self positive
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