The Electoral College Vote

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t 's said we all have one vote no matter how rich, poor, tall, short, smart, or uninformed, we get one vote and elections are the great equalizer as everybody is reduced to "one vote." (Wrong)

When it comes to the US presidential elections, some voters have more influence than others. When we vote, we aren’t voting for the President. We are voting to encourage our state’s Electoral College members to vote a certain way. And if the past and current elections hold, it looks like one candidate will win the electoral vote while another wins the popular vote as we saw in the 2017 election.

Each state has a different number of electors, based on the number of representatives they have in Congress, which is based on population. I.e. Alabama has …show more content…

i.e. California has over 65 times the population of Wyoming, but only 18 times the representation in the Electoral College.
Take this ratio between electors, the state population and compare the relative influence of one voter in one state to a voter in a different state with a different population and the number of electors.

When Measured this way, a voter in Wyoming has four times more influence on the electoral college vote than any voter in Texas. Thus. The US general elections are not the great equalizer. The general election designed in a way where voters in less populous states have more per-voter influence on Electoral College than voters in more populous states. (Due to the Apportionment Act of 1911), which limits the House of Representatives size and keeps the House from growing along with the population as Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution outlines.

The answer to this problem is a not a more direct voting system based on the popular vote. Conversely, even though all forms of democracy have problems, the current elections process produces exceptionally bad …show more content…

Ben Carson 's appointment within the Trump Presidential administration), represents the same tokenism in that, the members of the dominant group, treat the minority appointee (Ben Carson) as a representative of the whole minority group. Treatment from the dominant group that includes expectations about the person 's behavior. Minority representative (Ben Carson ) must play a role that enhances and furthers the mission of the (Trump) and the dominant group, as well as placate the President 's and the Admisintartions minority constituents, while he stays out of trouble, and avoids controversy or butting heads with the Trump

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