The Fires Of Jubilee Essay

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The Fires of Jubilee is Stephen B. Oates jaw-dropping narrative of the dramatic events that took place in Southampton, Virginia in 1831. His book contains just a little examination or historiography, however centers the inconceivable extent of its 150+ pages on a direct recounting the rough occasions of the slave insubordination which broke out, and which will be associated with the name of its leader, Nat Turner. In Oates' record, white Virginia prided itself on its direct slave regime, even convincing itself that the slaves were not harassed into docility but rather were happy, slaves were extremely grateful for their lot. White Virginians looked down upon on what they viewed as the cruel and severe treatment of slaves in states known for …show more content…

The governor of Virginia feared that this slave revolt would could a massive amount of terror in white people and that they would lose money. Another important quote in this narrative states “Garrison said things most Southerners could not bear to hear. He insisted the Negroes deserved “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness just like white people. He asserted the slavery violated the sacred ideals of the Declaration of Independence, made a mockery of Christianity and exposed this hypocritical Republic to the severest judgments of Heaven” (129-130) Most of the states up north agreed with freeing the slaves and believed it was wrong. The governor of Virginia was afraid that they weren’t going to have slaves anymore due to the uproar of the slave revolt. I truly believe Nat should be remembered as a Hero due to the fact that he stood up for what he believed was right and he took action. Nat started this monumental rebellion not even realizing that being publicly hung would be his death sentence. Nat was courageous and listened to signs God shown him. Nat believed in his heart that he was doing the right thing. Due to Nat’s heroic and incredible actions, he started the beginning of African American

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