What Is The Fish Poem Analysis

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The Fish by Elizabeth Bishop At first glance an untrained eye would perceive “The Fish” by Elizabeth Bishop as a repugnant, gruesome, and revolting poem about nothing more than a pitiful, dying fish in a murky pond. Undoubtedly, the complexity of life, paired with the will of a Savior is going to be misunderstood, just like the fish. As a result, many people see any action and situation as the perfect will of God, but God does not advertise suffering; He takes the suffering man caused and molds it to a positive. Just as the will of God is often misunderstood by Christians, "The Fish" is as well. Therefore, many believers imagine any bad or good happening alike is the will of God. God does not want us to unnecessarily suffer. Just as David Heath-Stade said, “…free will was considered to be a self-evident reality of human experience.” He does not wish cancer, strife, poverty, or war.…show more content…
God did not want a motherless child, but the soul and free will the drunk driver possesses allowed him to make his own decision to drive under the influence. God is not the scribe of evil, evil is the reflection from a fallen world as the result of man and satan. James 1:13 says, “God is light, and in Him there is no darkness at all”. Accordingly, if Christ has no darkness in him, he can not create evil; it is like building a brick wall with no bricks. So, it is stated in the Bible that He does make good of all, that does not mean he created the evil he allows to have some positive outcome. However, God will take a situation and mold it to either mature someone spiritually or use that person and their experience to help others towards salvation. Clearly, evil and strife come from free will, the intent and malice of man. Since man has the option and opportunity to decide and act upon what he wishes, consequences
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