The Food Stamp Act Of 1964: President Lyndon Johnsons Great Society Program

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The Food Stamp Act of 1964: The Food Stamp ac was part of President Lyndon Johnsons Great society Program. This program was designed to make sure that no American would go hungry. It was designed to raise nutrition levels in low income communities. In particular congress designed the act to strengthen the agriculture economy to make sure that the abundance of food that was being produced would be used and not go to waste. I think that this act is important in today’s society because there are still thousands of people who are going hungry every day and are in need of assistance. Without the food stamp program this country would be a terrible place. There would be far too many people without food. The personal Responsibility and Work …show more content…

This act provided insurance for the unemployed, retired or disable people in America. This is important in society today because it helps so many people. If social security was not around, then so many of the elderly would still have to keep full time jobs to continue to support themselves and others that may be living with them. This is a government program that provides monetary assistance to these people and without it they would probably have a difficult time trying to make ends meet. Economic Opportunity Act of 1964- This act was designed to try to eliminate poverty, expand educational opportunities, further help the poor and unemployed and to help with health and financial needs for the elderly. This is also very important in society today because it was made to provide even more additional support to those who are in need. If there is no one willing to help out with these problems (such as unemployment) then the problem could continue to get worse instead of making it …show more content…

It is considered one of the crowning legislative achievements of the civil rights movement. I also feel that this is still a big issue today. Rascim and discrimination is still a on going process in the U.S and throw out the world. Social Security Act- Is important because it provides for the general welfare by establishing a system of Federal old-age benefits. I think this helped the old-age because without this, it will be like the throwing the elderly to the wolves. Elderly people, well most of the eldery today depend on social security because they cant get a job. Either disabled, retired, or just to old to get a job. Food Stamp Act- Provides food purchasing assistance for low and no income people living in the United States. I believe it is important because it provides way for food so they wont go hungry. Congress also created this act to stregthen agriculture economy. Without food stamps today a lot of people would go hungry.

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