The Giver Conflict Quotes

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Another that changes the conflict of the story is Asher. As said in the quote: “What's wrong, Jonas it was only a game, Fiona said, you ruined it said Asher in an irritated voice” page 168 this shows that Asher is with the rest of the community (having no knowledge of before). In the movie there's also a part like in the novel (conflict wise) where Asher tries to block Jonas from escaping. This shows Asher doesn’t know what Jonas is doing is good and he’s with the rest of society. This is the part of the Giver where the conflicts are the same (man vs society). The quote stated in the novel “The most terrifying thing was the planes” on page 210 shows that the conflict in the book is man vs. society. Unlike in the novel there’s a part in the

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