The Giver Sameness Quotes

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Mrs. Axtell

English -ELA 8

7 February 2023
The Giver Essay
“The life where nothing is unexpected or inconvenient or unusual. The life without colour, pain or past” (lois lowry) In this quote lies the very fabrication of The Givers community and what has happened due to sameness. Due to this quote there is so much to deduct and show for comparing and contrasting.

When we look at The Giver’s community there is one key difference from our community: the lack of distinctness. With that being said we have to compare the importance of being as we are now, and to the importance of being safe and protected from danger. So I am here to compare the families of The Giver compared to our families in our community as we are now, as well as, comparing the books from their community and our community. …show more content…

(Lois Lowry pg.11&12) This is not the same as our community. We do not have the same limits but it is advised in our community to not have too many children.WHile our families show love through varying ways… We always have loved each other, But in The Giver we can see that love is an outdated word that is replaced by proud or glad as told by this quote “He had rehearsed them in his mind all the way from the Annex… [and]... “Jonas. You, of all people. Precision of language, please!” (lois lowry

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