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In the book "The Giver," the theme of sameness vs difference is a central theme. The community in which the protagonist, Jonas, lives is built on the principles of sameness, where everyone has the same clothes, houses, jobs, and even memories. The community values conformity, predictability, and stability over individuality, creativity, and change. This concept is emphasized in the quotes, “We’ve never completely mastered Sameness” and “Our people made that choice, the choice to go to Sameness.” The first quote, "We’ve never completely mastered Sameness," acknowledges that the community's desire for sameness has not been entirely successful. Despite their attempts to eradicate differences, there are still imperfections in the system, and they …show more content…

The leaders of the community presented the option to the people, and they chose sameness over diversity. This decision shows that the community values stability and predictability over individuality and diversity. The quote, "We relinquished sunshine and did away with differences," highlights the extreme measures the community took to achieve sameness. By eliminating differences, the community has also eliminated things that make life enjoyable, such as sunshine, colors, and music. These sacrifices show the community's commitment to their desire for sameness and the lengths they are willing to go to achieve it. The phrase, "If you don't fit in, you can apply elsewhere and be released," reveals that the community's leaders believe that sameness is the only way to ensure a stable and harmonious society. Anyone who does not fit in or deviates from the norm is considered a threat to the community's stability and must be released. This quote illustrates the community's intolerance for difference and shows how they are willing to sacrifice individuality for the sake of

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