The Giving Tree

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Elements of The Giving Tree

Imagine a story from the other person 's view. What do you think they would be feeling once you read the story? The book wouldn’t be written in first person view, but would be written in the most un-biased third person view. The book would be called The Giving Tree. Most people are read the story as a small child. The story changes as you grow older. The story changes as you get older because you experience more things and create more wisdom.

The Giving Tree, written by Shel Silverstein, was a story meant to share a lesson. Many of people have different opinions on the book and what it means. It doesn 't make anyone wrong for their opinions, it is just very different from someone else 's because they have prior knowledge that no one else will ever get to experience. This makes them biased in their certain way. A good example is as your parents like Clemson, so you are bound to like them to because it is always around you. It is all you know. …show more content…

The story really demonstrated the view of the other person in the story, without that character being the main character. The way Shel Silverstein wrote this story was very different from any other story because it was complex. It was different. No one had ever written something in the same style as him. Before reading this story, i had briefly heard of it, but never read it. The main character in this book was the boy, and the other character was the tree. As i read the story it seemed as if the author wanted the tree to be the main character, but i thought it was the boy that was. I made these inferences from the way the author wrote the whole story. Most of my text evidence for this essay has been the whole story and that is because i am writing about the book, not the pages. the shel kept the book clean. it wasn 't overwhelmed with words, but put a big message across the mostly blank pages.Shel silverstein wrote in such a way that really enticed the theme itself. The

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