The Goldfinch Character Analysis

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Throughout history, humans have greatly evolved as a species. Despite many physical changes, the inherently good nature of humankind and its tendency towards kindness has prevailed. The constant craving for both physical and emotional connections as well as the comfort humans find in each other are demonstrative of humankind’s true values. Humanity’s natural inclination toward bettering situations is demonstrative of the inherently good nature of humankind, that allows for societal advancements. In Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch, the protagonist Theo Decker experiences many hardships that cause him to make questionable decisions. Through his struggles, Theo experiences the natural human tendency towards kindness both within himself and through others. There are many people in his life who aid in guiding Theo towards his inner morality and allowing him to discover the inherent goodness within himself. Boris, Hobie and the other less prominent characters present throughout The Goldfinch represent aspects of modern civilization, ultimately demonstrating the inherently good nature of humankind as they guide, support and comfort Theo in order to overcome his obstacles and find his inner integrity. The first person who exhibits kindness towards Theo, and in turn, guides him through many obstacles is Boris. In the desolate and forlorn area of Las Vegas in which Theo resides, Boris provides comfort and support as Theo begins a new life without his mother. Although Boris makes
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