The Good And Bad Characteristics Of Machiavelli As A Prince

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Being a prince is not as easy as it may seem. There are good and bad decisions a prince can make. Machiavelli has his own standards on how a prince should behave. According to Machiavelli, a prince could be considered a lion, a fox, or a wolf. The lion is fierce but doesn’t have the smarts, while a fox has the smarts but isn 't fierce. A wolf has a little bit of smarts and can be fierce when they are in packs. Machiavelli considered a good prince to be a mixture of a fox and a lion. Also, he wanted a prince that would honors his own words and to be generally praised by others. An example of a prince that would not be ideal in Machiavelli 's eyes would be Adolf Hitler. Adolf was the leader of the Nazi Party and a German politician. Adolf was extremely anti-jew, so bad that he made concentration camps to have all of these jews killed. They were gathered from all over Germany to be put in camps and killed or tortured. According to Machiavelli’s standards, Adolf had part of a good leader right. Adolf was extremely fierce like a lion, which is how Machiavelli wanted a prince to be, but Adolf was just too fierce by going to the point where he was killing people for no good reason. When Machiavelli says he wants a prince to be fierce he isn 't talking about killing people, he is more so talking about having the courage to make a risky law change or do something people may not like, but will help them in the long run. He was not smart in any way like a fox is. Throwing people into
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