The Great Gatsby Analysis

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Have you ever loved someone so much, but weren’t allowed to be with them? In the book/movie, The Great Gatsby, written by author F. Scott Fitzgerald. A tragic love story of a anonymous man (Jay Gatsby) in love with Daisy Buchanan who no longer knows he exists, let alone across the bay. To what lengths would you go for the person you love? Even if it meant hurting everyone around you.
In the book,‘The Great Gatsby’ all the characters find a way to be with someone whom they love or even just desire, only catch is that they’re all in unhappy marriages. "Neither of them can stand the person they 're married to." says Catherine, (Myrtle’s sister) to Tom. They didn’t marry with love, they married for money, which had happened with Daisy. She got married to Tom Buchanan for his money, while she was waiting for Jay Gatsby to return from war. It’s not until Nick Carraway (Daisy’s cousin) becomes neighbors with Gatsby, (Daisy’s long, lost lover) when she discovers that Gatsby is alive, still in love with her, and has been waiting for her just across the bay. Nick helps them reunite with each other in secret. He says that it’s just the two meeting for brunch, but it is not. This relates considering how she got married knowing she wasn’t in love with Tom and only for his money at first. As soon as she found out that Gatsby was alive and kicking, she jumped at the opportunity to be with him privately.
Why get in a relationship, let alone a marriage when you don’t truly love the person,

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