The Great Gatsby Analysis

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System Crash. That 's the theme of the 1920s. A massive economic high, soaring through the decade, followed by a plunge into the deepest depth in the history of the United States. Scott Fitzgerald was a mildly successful author who lived through the high. The story he wrote, “The Great Gatsby” follows the high life from the point of view of a middle class bond salesman. As the story is from the perspective of a bond salesman watching the rich in their “natural habitat” so to speak, it is all about their lifestyle and culture. A big part of that lifestyle is how the people concern themselves with where they stand socially, and how they use wealth as a measurement of this. Money is a status symbol by itself, being the main societal pillar to hold up the powerful. This is evident in none more than Tom Buchanan . Tom is useless to society, and more a burden on it than a benefit, given his personality and actions. Tom was “ of the most powerful ends that ever played...everything afterwards savours of anticlimax...It was hard to realize that a man in my own generation was wealthy enough to do that.” Tom didn’t do anything after his years of football. Having been an East Egger through and through, he inherited his money from his family. He got into a good school, and was able to do something to earn himself a name for a while. Unfortunately though, that passed, and he was left not a burnt out shell of a man, but ready to blaze on without needing to kindle himself with

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