The Great Gatsby Movie

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The novel “THE GREAT GATSBY” was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald in the year 1925. This text was adapted as a film in 2013, co-written and directed by Baz Luhrmann. The film’s production initiated in 2011 and took place in Australia and was released on May 10th 2013. The main characters are Jay Gatsby played by Leonardo DiCaprio, Daisy Buchanan played by Carey Mulligan, Nick Carraway played by Tobey Maguire, Tom Buchanan played by Joel Edgerton and Jordan Baker played by Elizabeth Debicki. Other important counterparts include Craig Armstrong, music personnel, Casting by Nikki Barrett and Ronna Kress, Set decoration by Beverley Dunn and Eva Starlite and Costume Design by Catherine martin. In this production there were some key elements utilized …show more content…

It was able to properly depict the scenes in the novel and its main events. It is not completely detailed, nevertheless the audience can interpret and accurately relate the sequence of the events from the novel. The film was enjoyable, the ambiance and story provided a measure of intoxication and, most importantly, the core thematic concerns pertaining to the American dream, self-reinvention and love lost, regained and lost again are obstinately addressed. At the beginning of the film, Nick Carraway, narrates from a doctor’s office and this effectively distinguishes the present and the past because he is speaking in the present however when he shifts to the past so does the scene. The message that is being portrayed is that the American-dream is not the root of all happiness as it may be displayed. The Great Gatsby is about a man named Jay Gatsby who came from an underprivileged home and worked towards a prestige and wealthy lifestyle and this goal was further driven by his love for Daisy Bucannan. The story is told from Nick Carraway’s point of view, he is man built on morals and values however when he is introduced to the American-dream, he slowly begins to conform to the lavish lifestyle and the behavioural patterns of the people. In short, Jay Gatsby wants to be with Daisy Bucannan, who is married to Tom bucannan, he completely disregards the life she has built and believes that he can rewrite the past. In the battle …show more content…

In reading the novel one would be able to visualize the characters based on the descriptions given by the author. One may even expect the characters in the film to never meet their expectation, however, the selection of the cast was well thought out and their performance surpassed ones expectation. The character Daisy Bucannan is presented a little bolder than in the novel where she seemed to be quieter. “Are you in love with me?” this question by Mrs Bucannan in the novel shows her flirty nature which is also well depicted in the film. Also the enactment of when she was speaking to Nick on the balcony, was able to make the audience empathize with her just as the novel intended. Mulligan was able to efficiently portray Daisy’s character. Tom Bucannan’s character seemed to be a little older than he was described in the novel, however this was no obstacle for Edgerton, because he was able to adapt to the character and bring him to life in an efficient manner. Tom’s need to be held in high esteem and be above others because of their social status was well adapted from the novel, the interaction that he had with George showed this. George Wilson though he did not appear as expected, his look juxtaposed to Tom was effective. From his curly hair to the clothes he wore completely contrasted with Tom’s character. The colour of his eyes when he got

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