The Great Gatsby Quotes About Love

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Is it true that loving too much kills love? Sometimes loving something too much can kill a person, Gatsby dealt with this the hardest. Most people have lifetime goals of being there own boss, getting rich, and being wellknown by a lot of people. Gatsby has all this but the one thing he so desperately wants someone else has, Daisy. Daisy is Jay Gatsby’s kryptonite, it’s as if
Gatsby eats, sleeps, breathes, Daisy. They had so much chemistry that it’s almost toxic for them to be apart once they meet again.
Gatsby and Daisy had met for the first time five years ago. She shone like diamond in a field of dirt. He didn’t even know her name, all he knew is that he wanted her attention. The only thing standing in his way was her parents. Apparently being a soldier and having to leave
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Through all this reconnecting they really didn’t care about how Tom felt. Even though that was Daisy’s husband most of her attention was on James Gatsby. This led Tom to become
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May 5, 2016 jealous and wanting to get Gatsby out of the picture once and for all. Tom only had his way of looking at things. So he really didn’t care that he was cheating on Daisy with Myrtle however he didn’t like the fact that Daisy was getting comfortable with James Gatsby. Monogamy was obviously a thing that wasn’t practiced at the Buchanan household.
Love is a dangerous thing, in the end it could possibly be the death of you. Gatsby was just blinded by the love of a married woman. All he wanted was to go back to five years ago and relive it all over again. The present caught up to Gatsby too soon. He thought things were going his way except for the fact that Daisy was still attached to Tom. Through all of his effort and attempts to be involved with Daisy, time was cut too short for him to really enjoy what he had with her. George physically killed Gatsby, but in the end it was his want and need to protect and love

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