The Green Mile Analysis

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The Green Mile a 1999 file based on a Stephen King novel set in 1935. It follows a man named Paul as he tells his story of being a prison officer in a penitentiary. He oversees death row inmates during this time, where he meets a black man named John Coffey who was convicted of the murder of two young white girls. Soon, Paul and his fellow officers discover after John’s arrival they discover his ability to heal those who are sick and suffering.
Paul is conflicted with going through John’s execution for both his life saving ability and that his quiet and timid demeanor does not fit that of a murderer. From, his sadistic co-worker Percy and the number of convicted murders proving this further suspicion. Later on, Paul does find out the truth of what really happened and living through the consequences of it.
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The is that chance that some can be wrongly accused and convicted of a crime and be punished for someone else’s actions.
Prison life is not an easy one to live. There is that fear of some officers taking advantages of their over, like what Percy did, and from the movie with John mental state of being reserved or William’s more aggressive one. This calls the question how prisoner should be treated, regardless of their convictions. To some people’s eye the murders did not value a human life so they should not have that same luxury. But, at the end of the day they are still human being that still have a right to be treated humanely.
The Green Mile speaking different meanings. It speaks of moral dilemma, abuse of power, what is considered the right and wrong thing to do, living with guilt, hope, and innocence. This not only brings people justice, but teaches the new generation of officer’s insight on what to look out for to ensure that justice is served. Policing is not an easy job and tough decision have to be made with following the law and all those involved have their rights, both law and human, are

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