The Heroic Cycle In The Matrix

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The Matrix, a movie produced by Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski, was released in 1999 and utilized phenomenal late “twentieth century” computer graphics. It was a sci-fi movie that forced the viewer to ponder where the plot was headed and proposed a technological world that could be related to the very world mankind live in today. As scientifically advanced and graphically remarkable as it was, there is no mistaking Joseph Campbell’s “Heroic Cycle” rooted deeply in the main character Neo. The heroic cycle is able to be used to correlate modern “Hero’s” actions to that of ancient mythology spoken and later written thousands of years ago. Resembling a flow chart, the cycle is a step by step progression of major key plot elements that guide the Hero of a story through troubling times to utmost glory. Small variations to the cycle can be seen across the evolution of literature but at the core of every great heroic story the heroic cycle can be seen. The first step of the Heroic cycle is the introduction into the seemingly ordinary world of the Hero and the call to action of a strange quest. In …show more content…

Morpheus sets him through challenges of jumps and mobility schemes that will help Neo for the final destiny that lies before him. Neo needs to be very careful in the Matrix because if a person dies in the Matrix they die in real life too. Morpheus meets the Oracle during his training to beg for advice so that he can better accomplish his goals. The Oracle in the matrix is actually meant to represent the mythological Oracle of Delphi, however this Oracle is not characteristically known for her beauty. With the knowledge and wisdom that Neo received from the Oracle he is now ready to take on Agent Smith, who is the core enemy machine in the

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