The Horrific Murder Of Vincent Chin

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The horrific murder of Vincent Chin suggests that people are ignorant to the fact that numerous ethnic groups exist within the same “race.” They view all Asian Americans as the same race despite there being different ethnic groups, such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese. As a result, anti-Japanese sentiment meant discrimination towards all Asian Americans in general because to Whites, they all “looked the same.” Chin was in a club celebrating his upcoming wedding before he was savagely attacked by two white men who accused him of “stealing” their jobs. At this time, due the influx of Japanese immigrants as a result of the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act, many Whites lost their jobs, especially in the automobile industry. Consequently, they began to place the blame on the Japanese. However, …show more content…

His murder was national news that spread across the country because all Asian Americans felt affected and vulnerable regardless of their various ethnicities. Dale Minami, a Civil Rights Attorney, in the documentary Vincent Who?: The Murder of a Chinese-American Man, referred to this as a public lynching, which was a wake up call for Asian Americans. His story should motivate future generations to fight and stand up against injustice. The two white men who were responsible for his death did not receive any jail time for their atrocious actions. They were simply fined a measly $3000 and three years of probation. Asian Americans were outraged at this decision, so they put their cultural differences aside and focused on one common goal: to achieve justice. Vincent Chin’s racially motivated beating indicated that all Asians living in the United States could be targets for similar hate crimes. If they chose to ignore this injustice, more hate crimes against Asian Americans would be lightly brushed

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