The Horrors Of Greed In Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness

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As Marlow is meeting with other explores in the Thames River, Marlow begins to tell his story about the horrors that he encounters while in the peak of the ivory trade in the Congo. Marlow made his way down to the Congo because he was contracted by The Company by the booming business of Ivory down in the African Congo. The company was a group of men who would patiently wait for something to happen. Marlow gets the word about a guy named Kurtz who is living in the inner station and decides to meet up with him, but the only way to get to him is through an old steamboat. As Marlow begins his journey to meet up Kurtz he encounters a series of cruelty and darkness in the heart of Africa. In the novel Heart of Darkness, darkness can be described as the horrors of greed. Darkness can be symbolized as multiple ideas such as an absence of morals, greed and the psychological treatment.
The book is filled with darkness from the start. Europe and Africa are depicted as a place of darkness and gloominess. Heart of Darkness takes place in Africa, but a heart full of darkness also takes place in the Europeans hearts who are filled with greed for Ivory and for full maximation of Africa’s resources. The darkness seems to distribute in many different ways throughout its metaphorically, its symbolic meaning and in addition to the hardships of the Africans people. The author utilizes darkness to set up a gloomy vibe and setting despite it being day outside. This effect illustrates how people

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