The Role Of Civilization In Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness

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Everyone has their own opinions of which cultures are civilized and which are savage. A culture which is civilized is one where morals are set in place and and there is intellectual advancement. Civilized cultures follow a set a moral given to them usually by a government. A savage culture is where there are no morals in place. The people part of this culture do not follow any morals only hoping to survive, with no government intact. They are also not very advanced when it come to technology or intellectual advancement. This is the types of things that make a culture civilized or savage. Although there is a blurred line between both of these cultures.
There is no valid distinction between both cultures. There is no fine line, only a blurred line separating the two cultures. The world says that a civilized culture is one that follows morals, although there are those who do not follow those morals. In the book, A Heart of Darkness, Europe is considered the civilized country because they are more intellectually advanced and they have morals in place, although The Company veres away from those …show more content…

When stripped of civilized society we become savage, because we lose all morals and ethics. Are all people in savage cultures unethical and immoral? The Cannibals aboard Marlow’s ship had respect for Marlow and the others brought other meat on board to restrain them. This is not an act of someone who is savage. Not everyone is a savage culture is immoral. It is also said that savage only care for themselves and staying alive, this is also not true. This is fact for some savage people but not true for all. When Marlow was in the Jungle, he met a native women. The women would do everything in her power to keep and protect Kurtz. Even when Marlow blew the steam-whistle she did not run, even though she must have been frightened. She wanted to protect Kurtz even if it meant her

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