Pros And Cons Of Mongols Being Barbarians

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What makes people barbaric? The Mongols, also known as the “Barbarians” were a tribe in Central Asia during the 13th century. They were known to be barbaric, based on their aggressive, ruthless, and disgusting ways. Others believe that The Mongols had reasoning behind their ways and are justified for how they do their work. The Mongols were not barbaric as they did what they did in the matter of getting their job done to become successful. One of the Mongols jobs was in the act of war. War is a place or time where people die no matter how it is. It doesn't make them barbaric to do what they did in the act of war. What mattered is that they won. People died brutally in the most recent wars, but it doesn't have us stop and think how barbaric the enemy was. Document 4 states, “the people of Nishapur (a city …show more content…

In order for a group to succeed, it needs to grow. The Mongols wanted to be successful so they did what they needed to do. They conquered. In order to do this, Mongols did indeed have to continue to slaughter people because they weren’t just gonna give over their land. Document 3 states, “They come out to them they seek out the artificers (artisans) among them and keep these, but the others, with the exception of those they wish to have as slaves, they kill with the axe….” (DOC 3). This shows as they did conquer this land, they did still spare the lives of some of their enemies. As stated previously, there are some that believe otherwise. People believe the Mongols are truly barbaric. They see all these deaths caused by them and find it horrible. These people don't see the other perspective. Stuff like this has happened in the world for years and years. People don't realize it. As you can see, the Mongols were not barbaric.They did what they needed to do to be successful and survive. Things that have been done for years and years on this earth. All it takes to see this is a change of perspective. Take that as something to

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