Factors And Impact Of Westernization In India

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Srikanth P Y(13BBT0058)

Manideep Reddy(13BCE0


According to M.N.SRINIVAS westernisation in Indian terms refers to the effect of British culture in the Indian society. The westernisation effected many factors of Indian society including lifestyle, dressing, communication, religions, education, dressing , food and various habits. It is quite evident fact that India as a country has changed a lot after the colonisation era, some were beneficial changes like transportation which included trains, bringing an international language to the country. but in most of the cases the effects had a devastating effect on the countries economy, the country considered a golden bird before has turned out to an under developed nation at the end of colonisation. This paper of our aims at bringing in on how the colonisation has effected Indian society, by studying a few important factors effected.[1]


India a land of multiple diversities has a great and ancient culture. It’s one of the oldest and richest cultures which is now under serious threat as western culture is laying strong foundation in india and slowly wiping out indian culture. Western culture can also be denoted to as cutting-edge culture; this is because its notions and ethics promote the progress and sustainment of advanced civilization. Westernization has greatly affected our traditions, customs, our family and our respect and

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