The Hunger Games By Katniss Dialectical Journal

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In the book, The Hunger Games, one of the main events is when Katniss volunteers for her sister, Prim, to participate in the annual Hunger Games. After reading this event, I was very surprised. I noticed that Katniss surprised herself by saying she would volunteer, but then quickly recovered once she remembered that the reaping would be shown on television. “…this is upsetting me and I don’t want to cry. When they televise the replay of the reapings tonight, everyone will make note of my tears, and I’ll be marked as an easy target. A weakling. I will give no one satisfaction.” As these thoughts flow through her head, I could tell that she was mourning and aggravated, but prepared for what’s to come next. I also realized that she is strong, …show more content…

After Katniss and Rue spot each other in the trees they both decide to form an alliance. Katniss decides to help Rue because she reminds Katniss of her little sister Prim. “Katniss! Katniss!” Rue screamed, but before Katniss could save her, a spear plunged through Rue’s body. After that, Katniss killed Marvel, the one who threw the spear, with her bow and arrow. Katniss cries, sings to Rue, then gathers flowers and lays them around her body to show the Capitol that they are not just “a piece of their game”. After reading this, I discovered that Katniss really thought of Rue as a sister. I think that it was very daring of Katniss to show an act of defiance to the capitol and show that they are humans and have feelings too. I loved how she stood up for herself and showed the Capitol what she believed in. While reading this, I wondered if Prim was watching the games during this time and noticed that Katniss was thinking of her while Rue was dying. If I were Katniss it would be really hard for me to grasp that Rue actually died. Especially since Rue and Prim both similar. It would be extremely heartbreaking to know that if you wouldn’t have taken your sister’s place, she could have died so young and

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