How Is Frankenstein Selfish

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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is a gothic horror novel about how, after weeks of being at sea, explorer Robert Walton comes across a very ill man named Victor Frankenstein. In a series of letters to his sister in England, he retells Victor’s story of the creation he made and how it forever changed his life. In the novel Frankenstein, readers know the real monster is Victor Frankenstein because he was selfish and only focused on himself, abandoned his creation, and let other people die as a result of his actions. In the beginning, Victor Frankenstein starts to show how selfish he truly is by ignoring his family’s requests to write letters to them while he is away. Instead, Frankenstein spends all of his time focusing on himself and bringing …show more content…

Instead of feeling sorry for Justine, Frankenstein is trying to justify to himself why he should not feel bad for not telling everyone the truth. Several more people die throughout the novel and Frankenstein still does not say anything. The fact that Frankenstein was able to let other people die and still not admit fault, knowing it could save the lives of others, is another reason why Frankenstein is truly the monster of the story. If Frankenstein had any compassion for others, he would have let everyone know the truth and save them from his creation. Unfortunately, Frankenstein, being the monster he is, never does tell anyone the truth and almost everyone close to him dies as a result. Frankenstein didn 't ever physically murder anyone, however, he knew his creation would and never spoke up. Therefore, he is just as guilty as his creation. In summary, Dr. Frankenstein’s narcissistic personality persists throughout the entire novel until the very end, when he dies trying to kill his creation. Many people believe in the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley that the creature that Dr. Frankenstein creates is the monster of the story, however, people who actually read the novel will know that Victor Frankenstein is the real monster of the story because of the way he was selfish, abandoned his creation, and let other people die as a result of his

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