The Impact Of Marriage In Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice

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Marriage, by definition from Merriam-Webster, is a “combination or mixture of two or more elements.” It is a combination of men and women for rest of the life. Marriage has always been one of the most important events in one’s life. Also known as “tying the knot,” marriage is the promise of one’s devotion to their spouse. Marriage particularly has more of an impact on women’s lives than men’s. There is a stereotype that certain work is for women whereas men are not as limited in their job options. Women’s role in marriage has changed with the stream of time. As the time passes, the impact of marriage has changed as women gained more freedom. This is mainly because of the ascent of positions of women. Regardless of time period, women’s typical role in marriage is so-called “minor jobs” such as housework, cleaning, cooking, or chores. By comparing the role of women in the early 19th century and modern day, we can see that women’s typical work, job, and social mobility are hugely impacted by marriage. The 19th-century novel Pride and Prejudice, written by Jane Austen, illustrates the huge impact of marriage on women at this time. In contrast, marriage today does have as much impact as in 19th century regarding women’s work, job, and social mobility. Gender equality of gender’s right was more extreme in the previous time. This was the main cause of a huge differentiation between the role of men and women in marriage. In 19th-century, women’s work was mostly house-based

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