The Importance Of Dreams In My Life

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The quote," Dont call it a dream, call it a plan" - unknown ( This insperational statment discribes in order to chase your dreams you have to figure out step by step what you need to acheive that goal, also know as hard work and dedication. throughout my life, I 've been inspired by many people, I have been throught several significant events that have inpacked me in some way, and bcause of these two things, I have a dream of what i want to be in the future. There are two people that have inpacted my life in some way and those two people are my parents. Each of my parents have inpacted me but in different ways; for insteance, my mom has always inspired me. She is a hard worker and deserves way more then she gets credit for. She leaves work at about 7am and doesnt get home till about 6pm and when she gets home she doesnt relax like i tell her to, she just walks into her office, opens her computer and starts working again. My dad on the other hand is also a hard worker but he always sees potential in me or as i might say he knows i have a bright future ahead of me most likly corisponding with soccer. Not just my dad but both of my parent are very suported in soccer. In particulare they bought me $240 soccer cleats because they where high quality shoes and good for my ankle 's. M parents are togehter which makes it 100% easerier to talk to for help or advise.fallowing that statment, when i was in 3rd grade i was in an

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