The Importance Of Gender Equality

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Have you ever been told that just because you are a girl, your opinions are not given much importance? Or your opportunities are minimized? Your strength and your knowledge are questioned. That voice lying within you is demanding to be heard, but not everyone is willing to listen. This topic is something we feel needs to be said and heard by every single person on the planet. Women around the globe are treated differently compared to men because some do not believe women are just as strong, competent, or deserving of respect. We feel it is our job as feminists to try and make an impact for gender equality and stop this madness.

According to Martha Rampton (2015), the first wave of feminism started in the nineteenth century fighting for women’s suffrage and participation in politics. The second wave took place in 1960’s so women could have civil rights. The third one sprouted in the mid-90’s asking for universal womanhood. Lastly, in the fourth wave was the continuation of the failed waves. Indeed, women can be just as united, outspoken and strong-hearted to put these objectives into action. Even in the early civilizations, Greek and Roman women did not get equal rights as men. They only stayed at home and their mere role for development was reproduction. Men got to go to the Colosseum to watch gladiator games and vote for one of the highest positions. Meanwhile, women were forbidden to do anything and just kept quiet for the whole time. Most people think feminism is a
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