Heroism In The Watchmen

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we live short-lived to sustain the world meaning that makes us who we are. This implies that we cannot be without history; hence, the real question is there any meaning in history without heroes and their stories. Thompson posits that if we confront such questions we can end up believing our history is over like the millennialism (114). Nonetheless, the emergence of a self-fulfilling revelation is one of the key issues in the Watchmen. For instance, Ozymandias reiterates that “I believe there are some people who do want, if only subconsciously [sic.], an end to the world. …I see the twentieth century as a race between enlightenment and extinction.” However, it is important to point out that Ozymandias intentionally kills millions of people…show more content…
This is because the concept of a hero is deeply rooted in the society and it will take more than the Watchman to deconstruct the hero concept. Heroism is embodied in the construction and development of many societies. This is evident by the vast hero stories that many communities retell to their children to maintain the cultural heritage of the societies. As a result, despite Moore demonstrating that current heroes are mere underlying human fears, it is a concept that cannot be rooted out of the society. However, it is important to note the effect comic like the Watchman can have in the end. This is because if many comic picked the trend and deconstruction notion portrayed in the Watchmen, eventually after decades the hero narrative can be deconstructed because young children can pick the concept portrayed in the books and movies and drop that demonstrate heroes as weak and inadequate in solving human problems. Once the heroes are presented as weak and inadequate, nobody would want to associate themselves with people that are not valuable to the society. The traditional concept and presentation of the hero portray an individual or beings above humanity, who rises above humanity to save them. Therefore, once these beings or individuals are deconstructed to the useless and weak character the importance of the hero can diminish leading to a post-heroic age. Consequently, it is important to take into consideration the arguments put forward by Moore like getting inside the concept and destroying it from within because it is something that can work in deconstructing the hero concept. Ideally, heroes exemplify the strength of a society and foresters the ideals and morals of the society. Therefore, it is important to continue building the concept to conserve and continue the moral and ideal of the
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