The Importance Of Inter-Group Conflict

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Introduction Inter group conflict has been a issue for a very long time. People from different groups have always seemed to develop conflict. Whether it is racial, age group, culture, religion, sex, gender, class or social group based, conflict occurs when two groups (in group vs out group) have opposing views on something and choose to express that view with it having a negative impact or prejudice view on the opposing group (Binder et. al., 2009). Does interpersonal contact improve relations among groups that are in conflict? This is the question that needs to be answered. Conflict will always be present when two groups have opposing views. However, this does not mean that the relations between groups should be damaged. For example, a couple may have arguments with each other, but in most cases they try to resolve the conflict as opposed to ending their relationship. The ideal situation would be to have good working relations among groups and resolve/manage conflict when it arises. Interpersonal contact has been seen as the most likely solution for resolving/reducing inter-group conflict (Harwood, 2010). However research studies have shown varying effectiveness in dealing with intergroup conflict. Method In order to find the relevant literature, access to scholar journals were gained through the library of the University of Cape Town. Once logged into the libraries network, the posed question was entered into Google scholar. In order to ensure that the literature was

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